Lanalabs Branding

Lanalabs - The Penguin Collective

Lana Labs is a process Mining Start-Up from Berlin that automatically analyzes large amounts of process data and identifies potential bottlenecks and optimization potentials. Thus, huge SAP-, Salesforce-, or other databases can be interpreted within seconds.
Magellanic Penguin Lanalabs

By dfaulder - Magellanic Penguin, CC BY 2.0


The Magellanic Penguin is a secret co-founder of Lana Labs. They have adopted a Magellanic penguin in a colony in southern Chile for every customer license and every new team member since the company was founded. The penguin can be found everywhere, in the logo, in the interactions and even in the name of the software: Magellanic. It was clear that such an identity-building feature would have to remain part of the brand.
Nevertheless, the old logo had some weaknesses. First of all, the logo typography was set in a way that it breaks away in small sizes and becomes unreadable. The shape of the logo also made the penguin look a bit awkward, again the problem of breaking lines arises when reducing the size. The eye vanishes at a certain level and the penguin turns optically into a small a.
Old Logo Lana Labs Branding

The old logo of Lana Labs

The symbol

The most distinctive feature of the Magellanic Penguin is its white stripe on the head, which is why we have focused on finding a simple representation of this. By playing with negative space we have found a representation in various iterations and in consultation with the entire Lana Labs team that captures the existing brand and develops it towards a mature brand. The minimum line width is much wider than before, to make it work even in small sizes, and the one-color design makes it work on a variety of backgrounds.
Logo Exploration Lana Labs Branding

Evolution of the Lana Labs symbol in the process

The typography

The typography is made up of two parts. The FF Mark represents the image part of the brand. The geometric, yet open and friendly font is used to create the logo, the website, flyers and similar promotional media. For the app, however, we needed a spatial phenomenon, a font that could be read even in the smallest sizes. The publicly available IBM Plex is such a font. It is also available in a condensed version, which works especially well for labelling charts.
Fonts of Lana Labs Branding

The font combination of Lana Labs

The colours

The colour palette is designed in such a way that different shades are derived from the same base colours. In an app, colours must be more functional, in marketing the design has to be louder. By using contrast and highlight colours, we can also achieve this effect with the more conservative base and primary colours. The fact that all shades of grey have a slightly blue tint ensures that the design remains consistent and appears to be one piece.
Color palette Lana Labs Branding UX-UI-Design

UI color palette from Lana Labs

The icons

Again, the principle of two worlds applies here. On one side there are the functional app icons, on the other the rather bright marketing icons reminiscent of neon signs. However, both worlds are constructed from the same line widths and colour gradations, so that the user still has the feeling of remaining in the same brand cosmos.
Icons Lana Labs Branding