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Plus10 - The connected factory

In order to complement the user experience of the first version of the plus10 app, it was necessary to provide the stationary computers of the production environment with a software extension that not only allows the data to be displayed but also to be managed. In addition, the documentation required by company guidelines can be better performed on such a device, which is why the corresponding functions should be integrated into the software.

Create the persona

In order to understand which tasks are relevant in which part of the process, we must first understand who the user is. What are his goals? What are his needs? Only when we have this knowledge we can predict what kind of software structure makes the most sense. In order to keep the workshop lean, we have created a purely subject-specific persona.

For this purpose, we have first collected all the tasks that arise for the worker and his supervisor. We then sorted them according to their probable frequency. From this information we were able to deduce what the user expected from the software.
Design Thinking Workshop

Rapid Prototyping

After the persona exercise, all workshop participants were clear about what functions the interface was supposed to represent. But how a screen would summarize these functions was not yet clear. We therefore had a short visual brainstorming session to capture the ideas of plus10.
Design Thinking Workshop Rapid Prototyping

Structure and Wireframes

In order to capture the complexity of the application, we have mapped all relevant features in a user flow diagram. Each step is displayed in its context and shows which interactions are necessary between the steps. The prioritization of the individual diagram clusters generates a first rough roadmap of the software development.

In the next step, the user flow is turned into a wireframe flow that shows how the features manifest themselves on the respective screens.
Userflow Wireframing

Overview of the key screens


On the dashboard you can view the events assigned to the user role just like in the mobile app. Additionally, you can access extra information at plant level and navigate to content and user management.
UX-UI-Design Dashboard plus10


The larger screen area compared to the mobile app allows for more information to be displayed simultaneously. This makes it easier to navigate between different functions without losing context.
UX-UI-Design Events plus10
UX-UI-Design Solutions plus10


There is a high repetition rate of tasks that a worker has to perform in a factory. Previously, this was done in such a way that the corresponding solutions were passed on verbally. By digitally creating solution proposals, they can be displayed in context. This results in a higher quality of execution.
UX-UI-Design Ereignisse plus10

Manage events

Since some events are generated automatically, it is possible to edit this information, connect solutions to an event and merge similar events.